Women’s Hair Transplant

Women's Hair Transplant
Women's Hair Transplant

Women are becoming increasingly aware of the problem of thinning hair. Hair transplantation has become a viable option for many females as DHI's new techniques make it possible, regardless of gender, with beneficial results to last.

We will work with you to find the services and advice which best suits your needs and offers a clinic with a private relaxing environment.

Hair loss in women can be environmental or related to hormonal changes - it depends on the period of life. Hair loss can happen during pregnancy and menopause when estrogen levels are low.

For example, hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, malnutrition, and irregular menstruation are all common causes of matting hair in women.

Besides, pregnancy and birth can significantly affect a woman's body. One of these effects is hair loss. Once the cause of hair loss is treated, a transplant is the only way to restore healthy hair.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant for Women

The DHI technique for hair restoration is excellent for female patients. It allows us to perform unshaven surgery without leaving a scruffy-looking scar, making it the perfect choice.

Our doctors take hair follicles individually and plant them right afterward. Because of a DHI technique, the hair's natural direction stays intact - the front hairline too. Consequently, you can have a nature-given curl.

Following our doctor's instructions, you can do your first wash home. Shock shedding should happen quickly at the end of the first two weeks - but it only happens to one in a thousand people.

It generally takes three months post-op for hair to start growing back and around eight months until it grows to its standard thickness.

Women's Hair Transplant Cost 

The cost of hair transplants depends on how many grafts are needed and the method used. In general, there's no set price for hair transplants; women's hair transplant costs vary depending on many factors. Our quality hair transplant service for women is priced reasonably.

Various factors affect the total cost of a transplant. It is also possible that some additional services can increase the price, such as:

  • The number of grafts
  • The doctor's expertise and quality.
  •  Services offered and product quality.

Women's Hair Transplant in Turkey 

The staff and facility are some of the most integral parts of a hair transplant for women. Our Clinic offers office locations in Istanbul to offer the best hair transplant and treatments. We are committed to achieving our patient's satisfaction.

We offer the most advanced DHI hair transplant techniques for women in our Istanbul clinic. The operation takes about 8 hours.

Is hair transplant a permanent procedure?

Hair transplants are a permanent solution for hair loss in the donor area due to the hair's natural toughness and lifetime lastingness.

After a hair transplant, What shampoo should you use?

During your operation, we will provide you with a medical kit that includes shampoo for transplanted follicles and donor sites.

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