Necklift in Turkey
Necklift in Turkey

A necklift operation is a procedure that helps patients with signs of aging in the jawline and neck areas. These techniques are also guided to lower rhytidectomy in specialized contexts.

Necklift surgeries can treat:

  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Disproportionate fat and skin on the jawline, which generates sagging
  • Fatty areas under the chin.

As we age, the skin in our neckline can start looking saggy and loose. This can be due to hereditary factors or environmental conditions like excessive stress and smoking.

What Is a Neck Lift?

Double chin is a problem that many people experience. Unfortunately, there are few solutions to this common problem. Thankfully, neck lifts can correct this issue and help patients feel more confident.

Neck lifts are a popular surgical procedure to remove wrinkles and tighten loose skin on the neck. However, many patients opt for additional operations such as brow lifts, fat transfers, and eyelid surgeries alongside their neck lift operation. This way, they can rejuvenate their whole face and reach that youthful face they look for.

Let us briefly explain what these additional operations do to paint you a better picture.

  1. Brow lift: A brow lift operation could level the playing field and lower stress levels by fixing your sagging brows.
  2. Fat transfer: is the process of transferring fat from one area to another on the body or from one person to another. Surgeons use this procedure to add volume to thinning lips and cheeks or use it on patients who have had a facial injury.
  3. Eyelid Surgery: This operation reshapes aging eyes, giving them youthful and well-rested looks.

A neck lift can significantly reduce the appearance of aging. When combined with other procedures, such as a facelift, your looks will be refreshed and you'll look younger.

What is Necklift?
What is Necklift?

What not to wish for a neck lift procedure?

Neck lift surgeries are just restorative procedures. It does not change the actual appearance of the patient. If you're looking after the actual changing appearance, you should look into face reconstruction operations that are more surgical.

Neck lift surgeries have been around for quite some time and a good reason. They can rejuvenate the skin below your chin to give you a more youthful and healthy appearance. The procedure is similar to face lifts, which also target the neck area.

Neck lift surgery is not an aging treatment. Together with neck lifting, the operation will make your neck look younger. However, the effect fades away over time.

Neck lifts are usually surgical operations, but there are also other options that you can explore before going under the knife. Non-surgical treatments can delay the need for a neck lift, yet they may not provide patients with the same results.

How will you prepare for a Necklift surgery?

As a patient, there are some precautions you can take to improve your recovery. One of these is to ensure that what you eat and take as the medication is appropriate.

When you're scheduled for an operation, give your doctor a list of all the medications and herbal supplements you're currently taking. They'll tell you when to stop taking it to minimize any complications.

How your body deals with this operation may be affected by the weight you're carrying around, so these past few weeks of a healthy diet could make a difference.

  • Other preparations

It's best if you attempt to quit smoking before your operation. Smoking can make it hard for wounds to heal and has been shown to accelerate the aging process. The body creates nicotine when you smoke, which can negatively affect healing. Nicotine can also break down collagen, a protein in the skin, bones, and other connective tissues.

You will not be allowed to drive after your surgery because of the effects of anesthesia.

Here at Accommodation Accommodations, we offer rides to our patients who need to get home. We believe in going the extra mile without being easy.

How does the entire process of having a neck lift surgery work?

We will examine the process of neck lift surgery under three titles: before, during, and after the operation.

The day Before the Necklift operation

You will first meet with your surgeon to discuss your goal. The doctor will review the different surgical methods and determine which suits you. Performing the wishes of our patients is critical. Should you decide to retain your surgery in our clinics, our surgeons will devise a strategy to accomplish your requests. After achieving some examinations, your doctor should decide which surgical technique is more suitable for you. Performing the wishes of our patients is essential.

During the Necklift Procedure

Physicians will apply local anesthesia once you are ready for the operation. Anesthesia eliminates any chance of feeling pain, and the surgeon will start the process. The most common technique in neck lift operations is liposuction. It uses a surgical procedure to remove excess fat from the neck area and can reduce sagginess while eliminating fatty deposits. Lengthening the skin on your neck is an excellent way to combat loose skin. The surgeon will create a tiny incision under your chin, pick up the skin, lift it together with the underlying tissue, and stretch it. Once they find an ideal tension level, they carefully remove some excess.

After the Necklift Operation

The doctor may prescribe you some medications. Probably You will most undergo some swelling and bruising after your surgery. Recovery Period after Your Neck Lift Surgery The swelling and bruising we mentioned will worsen after the second day, But they will begin to fade out after a few days. The doctor will dismiss any bandages and suture them a week later. Your wounds will have recovered by the second week of your procedure. The doctors suggest you can't do heavy physical activity until you reach the fourth week of your surgery. Avoid contact with water for a few days until your plasters are released in the follow-up session. You may encounter immobility in your neck muscles and some numbness in the middle of the healing period, Which is normal. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking, and limit stress and sun exposure. If you carefully mind your doctor's pieces of advice, then you can be clear of any difficulties.

Do Insurance Cover Neck Lift Surgeries?

Most health insurance corporations do not cover cosmetic surgeries as they are optional. But you can check it to be sure before the surgery. Alternative Procedures for Surgical Neck Lifts As some people are not a fan of invasive surgeries, some non-invasive procedures could be helpful options for neck lift procedures.

Recovery Period after Your Neck Lift Surgery

The swelling and bruising we mentioned will worsen after the second day.

We will remove the bandage on your neck a week later during the follow-up session.

The second week after your operation, the wounds will have healed completely.

It's required to Avoid moisture in the wound for a few days until your bandages are removed in the follow-up session.

You may experience stiffness and some numbness in your neck muscles during the healing period, but that's normal.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking, and limit stress and sun exposure.

Alternative Procedures for Surgical Neck Lifts

Some people may not be keen on going under the knife, so it's worth trying non-invasive options. There are some procedures to get a quick neck lift without surgery that could suit you better.

Neck Exercises

You could try neck exercises if you seek a more natural neck lift treatment. To tighten the sagging skin, you must accomplish neck activities to improve blood circulation.

Planning to Have a Neck Lift Surgery? the cost of a neck lift is higher in Turkey than in Europe, North America, and Canada, only some people want to travel long distances to get it done. Turkish doctors do excellent work, and you can have your aesthetic goals with minor inconvenience.

At the Larizza Clinic, we specialize in providing medical care for people with long-term conditions. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals offers a wide range of services. In particular, we are proud to say that we offer online consultation services to patients living anywhere in the world.

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