Frequently Asked Questions

The most Frequently Asked Questions about all Types of surgeries

Frequently Asked Questions

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular approaches for obese patients.

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular approaches for obese patients. About 50% of this area's surgeries employ gastric bypass. The operation is a two-part process:
Part I: Creation of the Stomach Pouch

After the procedure, the doctor divides the human stomach into two parts - one larger and one smaller. The smaller portion can only hold 200-300ml before feeling full.

When the stomach goes to a state of minor contractions, patients feel more satiated after eating, which means they cannot eat as much.
Part II: The Bypass phase

The doctor separates the newly created smaller pouches from the rest of the digestive tract, then connects it to the small intestine a few centimeters beyond where it should have been linked to avoid functions between both of them.

As we bypass the first part of the small intestine, the patient's body cannot absorb nutrients from food as efficiently as before. This makes for a malabsorptive process.

After a few weeks of pureed food, your doctor will reassess your status. They'll let you know if you can start eating soft foods - they should be easy to chew and have small pieces.

Now at this point, you can eat 3 to 5 meals each day. The amount could be between 1/3rd and 1/4th of a cup. Chewing each bite into a smooth puree free of solid pieces would be best before ingesting.

Soft food Like Ground meat, chicken poultry, Eggs, Soft Low-fat cheese types, dried cereal, Soft fruits, all types of rice, steam-cooked veggies

After eight weeks, you can start including one and a half cups of solids in your daily diet. Eat solid food three times a day and try not to overeat.

You may need to adjust your diet if you find it hard to tolerate solid foods after your surgery. Start by introducing new foods one at a time and see what works best for your body. You may also need to eat less than before the bariatric surgery.

If your BMI is 40+, we recommend bypassing gastric surgery to reduce weight and prevent chronic health problems.

Turkey has many resources and is a top destination for gastric bypass surgery mainly due to its medical resources and experience. As you recover, you'll also get the chance to enjoy Turkey's beauty, explore new challenges and create new memories.

Gastric bypass surgery Diet
Gastric Bypass Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Transplantation

You can find all your questions and answers about hair, beard, and mustaches transplantation here

You can easily book your appointment with a clinic for a beard transplant over the phone. Your medical consultant will ensure that you get diagnosed correctly, and your treatment can start once they do.

The answer to this question is not clear-cut. Generally speaking, it's not advised to drink alcohol before you get a transplant since it can make the healing process inadequate. Alcohol puts redness and soot in your throat, making it unappealing to drink. And this is why your doctor will prescribe using a temporary beard transplant medication to control the reaction after every procedure.

The question of when you can resume your daily activities after the DHI hair transplant is tricky. It depends on your current job, but it's within 4-6 weeks for most people. Depending on the technique, you may be out of work for 3-10 days. However, with DHI, you can usually resume sooner.

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With the soaring popularity of hair transplants and modern advances in synthetic materials, choosing a clinic in Turkey is becoming increasingly daunting. But don't worry - as, with any hair-related purchase, there are ways to get yourself into the hands of an experienced clinician who has delivered excellent quality work. Depending on your preference, the decision needs to be made after research that includes the newest technique, the successful rate, satisfaction rank, experience, and price/quality ratio.

You need to take the proper precautions and monitor your recovery. Here are some ways you can do so:

Your transplanted grafts require time and effort to ensure they have the best possible results.

You should ensure you are using the washing technique described by your doctor, protect your head from the heat and sun, and be patient about any pain or rash. Consult a specialist if it is too painful or icky for you. It's also important to know that a rash can happen initially, which is more from transition than anything else.

It can be challenging to define a procedure as the best hair transplant method; however, the DHI method is generally the most favored approach. This approach, adopted by doctors, is more practical and sophisticated. If you wish to choose a procedure based on physician preferences, you can select DHI.

DHI hair transplantation is a procedure with advantages and disadvantages. Since DHI does not require opening canals, one of its advantages, it has a quick healing process. Another is that since there are no incisions and stitches, there is no wound formation, and the crusting phase passes quickly. The drawback is that even if there is no incision, there remains a chance of infection.

Women’s hair transplants are very similar to men’s hair transplants. With female patients, it is feasible to create hair that does not require shaving, even if the female patient has requested it. Women do not have transplants as much as men do because female shedding is slower than men, so they might not notice it immediately. When it comes to women’s hair transplants, the results are excellent.

Risks: The patient may suffer acute discomfort or nerve damage after the transplant. The application area may bleed afterward. As a result of the bleeding from open wounds, there is the potential for a primary infection issue. One of the more significant complications of the procedure is shock loss, which occurs in only a tiny percentage of patients.

Side Effects: An increase in redness and stiffness in the area where the gathered or transplanted hair is, tiny crusts forming, and numbness are all transient adverse effects.

Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Aesthetics

You can find all your questions and answers about Dental Aesthetics here

In Turkey, dental Aesthetics packages and many options allow you to plan your vacation. Like letting the clinic know your preferred dates for dental appointments or requesting that we prepare your vacation ahead of time. If you have never visited Turkey, we will organize your dental holiday. Because of years of expertise, we can help you find low-cost flights from your local airport to VIP clinics. Continue when they find acceptable flights. They will send you an email with the necessary information.

Emax is an excellent combination of beauty and strength to repair such teeth in a way that you will say goodbye to stained teeth with this installation. For stained teeth, these all-porcelain fittings are highly transparent and have excellent resistance to fracture. The crooked front teeth are strong candidates for Emax, and filled teeth are also candidates because they tend to become brittle.

To make their patients happy, Turkish dentists do their best. Hotel stays and online tests are just a few options dentists give to their clients. Affordable and trustworthy, getting help from a dentist in Turkey is available for all budget levels. Facilities with cutting-edge technology allow you to take advantage of high-quality services.

Hollywood Smile is a teeth-straightening treatment tailored to each patient's needs. To best answer your question, please provide your age and race to the smile consultant team, who will give you an accurate price.

Dentists will examine your teeth and determine the best care you need; "Hollywood smiles" are essential for everyone. The treatment could be like a gingivectomy, fillings, root canal treatment/ or implants.

Turkish Dentists offer cheap and high-quality treatments for people from all over the world.

Many Turkish laboratories are dedicated to unveiling new and innovative techniques that can help you with any aesthetic problems - Turkey is a popular tourist destination, so it might be a good idea to visit while getting a Hollywood smile.

We offer a free-pain procedure, and our dentists have years of experience. This means you can trust that your dental work will safely complete each time. Our hospital offers a luxurious service package, including arrival transfer from the airport and customer care.

Yes, it would be wise to resume the surgical process with the same dentist. However, if an essential factor prevents this, you can ask for your implants, and the nearest dentist can return them to your mouth. This will cost more money and take a lot of time to complete.

Alcohol; carbonated drinks are bad for your teeth, and we don't recommend drinking excessive amounts of each. Feel free to chat with our dentist if you have other questions or concerns.

dental Aesthetics
dental Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

Body Contouring Surgery

You can find all your questions and answers about Body Contouring Surgery here

There are many body contouring types, each with different procedures. The surgeons decide which one you need.

Thigh Lift: The surgeon opens the pubic, which runs down from the inner leg to the knee. Afterward, he removes the extra skin and unnecessary fat.
Breast Lift: Larizza Clinic specialists open the areola of the breast and vertically open it from there to the underside of the breast. Also, a horizontal opening may be needed across the breast crease.
Arm Lift: The surgeon opens the inner surface of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. The underlying muscle is tightened with sutures and reshaped to the upper arm. The doctors take the sagging skin.
Lower body lift: Our doctors take the excess skin from the tummy, buttocks, hips, and outer thighs.

To have a successful and safe operation, you can contact our doctors. With their expertise and care, you will feel secure throughout the process.

The scale of the costs changes based on the number of procedures you will take. Besides, the operation fee may include:

Anesthesia fees,
Hospital or surgical facility costs,
Medical tests,
Post-surgery garments,
Prescriptions for medication,
Surgeon’s fee.

To get a precise body contouring surgery fee for yourself, you can get in touch with us. After you consult with our team, we will examine your case and bring the most convenient option for you.

To make their patients happy, Turkish dentists do their best. Hotel stays and online tests are just a few options dentists give to their clients. Affordable and trustworthy, getting help from a dentist in Turkey is available for all budget levels. Facilities with cutting-edge technology allow you to take advantage of high-quality services.

Doctors recommend most patients rest for at least two weeks and limit strenuous activities for more than 12 weeks to allow complete healing.

It is important to be moving around the house to help the skin tissue regenerate faster. This will lead to some quick relief when it comes to your recovery.

The answer is yes. There are different reasons why you might experience weight gain after surgery:

A body fat lift is a cosmetic surgery that can alleviate the appearance of stubborn pockets of fat. It's not a weight loss treatment,; if you want to lose weight, we recommend viewing our other surgical procedures.
Eating healthy foods and maintaining an active lifestyle will help prevent going overweight.
You must keep up your exercise regimen to maintain your body shape, but it's also important not to overindulge in fatty food to avoid excessive weight gain.

It's a surgery in which the surgeon cuts down on sagging fat and skin while reducing excess weight. It will target the waistline, abdomen, and back and can't be performed until you've reached a healthy weight. Recovering from the procedure usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Essentially, Liposuction is used for body contouring. However, it differs from Vaser liposuction with minimal scarring and other benefits. In conclusion, Vaser liposuction is an updated version of Liposuction that offers more natural, accurate results at a much faster recovery time.

That depends on your case. You should contact our medical team for a complete diagnosis. Usually, Liposuction and J plasma are merged to provide a better-finalized result. Liposuction and Brazilian butt lift can be integrated, and the fat extracted by Liposuction can be injected into the Buttock to have a better shape.

Liposuction and Brazilian butt lift Can be combined, and the Surgeon will use the extracted fat by Liposuction to shape and contour the buttocks.

Sorry, but the doctors won't allow an operation like that. It can be hazardous to your baby's health if they start feeding while you're going through treatment. Please wait until the Breastfeeding is over before we perform the surgery.

If you're healthy and have taken care of your postpartum recovery, you may be ready for a mommy makeover. It would help if you were about 3-6 months postpartum at least, and for the time being, you are not planning any pregnancies.

Yes- after six months of recovery, you should be ready to wear a bikini again. The C-section scar is placed on the part of your body where the top will cover it, and after being in the sun for some time, your skin should be able to handle the tent and exposure.

A complete diagnosis with an experienced medical consultant or doctor should take place. During the consultation, you will express your desire and goal figure, and the doctor will prescribe a tailored treatment plan for you.

Buttock augmentation, is an aesthetic procedure that aims to re-shape and improve the form of your buttock. The options for buttock surgery depend on what you want to achieve, which ranges from fat injections or implants.

Your doctor may discuss a few potential treatments with you. They will likely recommend either silicone butt implants or hyaluronic acid-based fillers to plump up your buttock.

Buttocks Augmentation in Turkey
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