Facelift in Turkey
Facelift in Turkey

Facelift Cosmetic surgery is an option for many people who are unsatisfied with their appearance. A standard procedure is a facelift designed to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin on the lower half of your face. The surgery can be performed on patients of any age, but it should not be done if you have any medical conditions affecting your healing process.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the face, tightens muscles, and repairs drooping or sagging skin. A facelift is often combined with other treatments that restore the natural beauty of the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids. It can give one the appearance of being 10-20 years younger.

People have become increasingly aware of the importance of appearances in recent years. This has led to a rising trend for cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular and common types of cosmetic surgery is the facelift. The rate at which women get these operations has been increasing steadily since 2000. In 2014, nearly 160,000 women in America had a facelift.

What is a Facelift?

What is a Facelift?

Facelift surgeries are quick and straightforward, taking little time. Surgeons will usually apply local anesthesia before the procedure, which reduces any pain you might feel.

The patient can return to everyday life as soon as the surgery is done—no need to stay at the hospital and recover for days after the procedure.

In more traditional facelift operations, surgeons cut a line from the patient's lower ear to their hairline. The surgeon picks the skin and lifts it back lengthwise along that line.

There are different types of facelifts that surgeons can perform. One type is where the surgeon cuts from the lower ear to the hairline, picks up the skin, and pulls it back along that line.

Repeat the same procedure on your neck by cutting a small line, lifting the skin, and stretching it. This also is known as a neck lift.

Once surgeons have finished removing the excess skin, surgeons close these cuts with sutures and staples. Finally, they apply surgical glue and dressings to stop any bleeding.

Were you concerned about your appearance? Consider facelift surgery!

Your surgeon will determine your suitability for the surgery by examining your medical history before the operation. Medical history tests are done to tell whether you're a good candidate for surgery.

Before your surgery checklist:

  • Blood clotting and using blood-thinning medication affect the hemoglobin in your bloodstream. Several factors can affect the body's ability to create enough hemoglobin, which may lead to anemia.
  • Your blood pressures
  • Scarring - from acne or other kinds of skin conditions can be visible.
  • Are you a smoker or not?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you use any drugs or not?
  • Do you have any food allergies, etc.?

Then, here's what will happen: First, our doctor will explain the stages of the surgery and give you details. They will also talk about the type of anesthesia to be administered.

You will also learn more about the recovery period that follows your operation and be informed of the possible complications you might develop.

It's important to us; we always try to provide our patients with the necessary information. One of our core values is being open and transparent.

We'll listen to how you want this operation to be executed and plan a detailed strategy based on your needs.

Our team keeps you in the loop while we plan your procedure, considering the condition of your skin and bone structure.

Facelift in Turkey
Facelift in Turkey

Are the effects of Facelift Surgeries Satisfactory?

A facelift can be a great option if you want to look smoother and younger. They accomplish this by:

  • Removing and tightening skin on the face
  • Reducing wrinkles around the cheeks and your lips
  • Wrinkle your smile on both sides of your mouth. This gives the appearance of being rested.
  • Sagging cheeks on your jawline can be gently tightened by excising the loose skin.

We'll provide outstanding results and satisfy the needs of patients. 

There are a few disadvantages to consider before getting a facelift. First, the surgery is not permanent. One out of every four patients reports that their surgery's effects faded after five years after the operation. Another disadvantage is that a facelift cannot reverse the signs of aging, so one has to maintain their appearance through other means such as B.o.t.o.x.

So, you should be able to trust the skills of the doctors performing your surgery. These procedures require artistic talent, so you must find a skilled surgeon.

Are you a good candidate for doing the Face-lift Surgery?

Many factors determine whether or not you're a candidate for a facelift. If you do qualify, your results will be better. Here's a list of these qualifying factors:

  • Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes may have an increased risk of complications during surgery. Any difficulty, such as a bleed, will negatively affect the outcome.
  • A strong bone and skin structure are essential. You'll have better results with that than without it.
  • If a patient has severe medical problems, we can't recommend surgery, such as a facelift. It's best to save surgery for patients that are healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • There is plenty of evidence that smoking can negatively affect your physical health after surgery. This can impact the time it takes to recover from the operation and could even lead to harmful complications. If you smoke, you should quit at least a week before your procedure.
  • Aspirin is a blood thinner and will cause you to bleed more during the operation. This could lead to medical complications, so make sure you stop taking your aspirin medicine at least a week before the surgery.

If you have realistic expectations, meet the criteria we mentioned and follow these tips, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Surgical Face-lifts Alternatives

Facelift surgery is one of the most popular and expensive cosmetic surgeries. But you don't have to undergo an operation to look younger. There are relatively inexpensive alternatives that can provide you with good results.

Non-invasive/Surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift treatments have been around for a while but are becoming increasingly popular. As people realize that these procedures' effects are much quicker than traditional surgical procedures, they will continue to grow in popularity. These treatments can be done at home, in the comfort of your own home, which is perfect for those who are not able to spend time away from

These treatments have been shown to rejuvenate, refresh the appearance, and not require downtime. It's worth taking the time to explore some of them.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of non-surgical facelift procedures:

  • They are fast and simple
  • No discomfort
  • They don't require anesthesia
  • Costs are lower than the other operations.

That's great that we can see the advantages of these procedures. However, there are still disadvantages. It's not as dramatic as surgery, but for some people, that can be a factor in their decision-making process. Nonetheless, for minor adjustments and improvements, this might be the right option for you.

Natural Facelift

Loose skin, wrinkles, and a sagging jawline are common signs of aging. An alternative to surgery is a natural facelift, which doesn't require any operation. A natural facelift is a sophisticated face massage treatment that uses no chemicals or needles.

Who Has Had a Facelift? 

Over the past decade, facelifts have become increasingly popular among celebrities and are spreading to all social levels. If you want to improve your face's appearance and shape, it's evolving more popular. Whether surgical or non-surgical, people work on their faces to achieve various aspects of beauty.

Celebrities Who Have Had Face-lifts

Celebrities are the new face of plastic surgery. They attend to get aesthetic surgeries to promote certain brands and procedures for themselves, their fans, and their followers. These public figures are responsible for maintaining their appearance, which is essential to their job.

Multiple interviews with Khloe Kardashian revealed her stance on plastic surgery is exceptionally favorable. She has announced her facelift approach and how she's happy and grateful for the results.

The process of actors going through plastic surgery made Courteney Cox confident. According to Cox, the part of her life that changed after a facelift was far more significant than the surgical procedure itself.

A lot of pop stars; singers are opting to go through with a facelift due to it being one of the safest and quickest methods around. The operation has been effective during the recent Grammy Awards.

A lot of celebrities have undergone the facelift option for cosmetic surgery. Some big names like Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Christy Teigen, and Cardi B have done it in some form or another. It is common for even an A-list celebrity to get one.

Facelift Costs
Facelift Costs

Facelift Surgeries in Turkey  

If you were searching for specific procedures such as facelift surgery, you might have come across Turkey in numerous articles for various reasons. It's more than just a coincidence that this country has risen in popularity regarding these operations - especially with the advancements in cosmetic surgery here.

With affordable rates, you might get that much-needed facelift in Turkey and have time to enjoy exploring the country. You'll have a youthful appearance and feel more inclined to explore these beautiful surroundings.

Wrinkles and sagging of the face can be solved with different types of facelifts during a consultation. Some doctors advise on which type is suitable for each person.

The choice relies on age, wrinkles length and depth, face shape, and results. For some cases, a facelift might also be combined with a neck lift, Blepharoplasty, or Bichectomy to create the best effect.

As an award-winning facility, we make sure our patients have looked after. We provide extra services like transportation and emergency dental care to take the stress out of the stay.

Facelift Costs

What are the costs of these operations? The answer is complicated, but we can break it down for you. We will first tell you about our procedures and what they entail. Only then can we get a sense of the cost.

After years of research and development, we are proud to offer a highly-accurate, in-depth cost estimate for your facelift. After you contact our team of experts, we will schedule a time to come out and meet with you. From there, we can help you create a customized payment plan that will suit your needs.

Facelift Cost In Turkey

We have been able to lower facelift prices by up to 70% compared to the United States, Canada, and European countries. The quality is just as good, or even better yet, the cost is much more affordable.

Given the years of background and governance support, surgeons in Turkey provide more promising results. Our Clinic is a leading brand in Aesthetics surgeries by delivering top-quality benefits.

It contains transportation, a luxury hotel, an up-to-date method, and aftercare assistance.

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