Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery in Turkey
Ear Surgery in Turkey

Like any other sense organ, our ears are one of the most critical parts of our body since they are the only audial medium that helps us interact with the world. Any medical, mechanical, or cosmetic problem with your ears can turn your life upside-down in many aspects. Inevitably, and thankfully, you can undergo ear surgery. 

Apart from these facts, cosmetic ear surgery is almost 200 years old. With advancements in technology, the number of patients has been overgrowing. 

What is ear surgery?

It is the surgical process where doctors make corrections to your ear shape. The technical name for ear surgery is otoplasty. There are various kinds of otoplasty that we accomplish in our clinics. From ear pinning surgery to ear reshaping surgeryear reconstruction surgery to ear lobe surgery, we maintain many operations. 

Besides, you can discover these three choices in our clinics, too:

  •  Elf ear surgery 
  •  Ear reduction surgery 
  •  Ear fold surgery

Here, we deliver our clients the best essentials for their amenities and health.

How does the surgery process work?

An ear surgery operation requires anesthesia and many other surgical procedures. Doctors mostly prefer local anesthesia for adults since the process is not significant. For youths, who are the most ordinary patients for ear surgery, It is more advantageous to use general anesthesia. 

Most operations require the doctor to make an incision from the back of your ear to operate on the cartilage. Our physicians can act on any possible accumulation, extraction, or modification of the cartilage. You can keep your ears reshaped, diminished, or redrafted. Once the procedure is finished, the incisions will stitch up by the doctors. 

The recovery time for an ear correction surgery usually takes about two months. After the surgery, you’ll probably suffer from swelling, aching, and paresthesia in or near your operation area. All of these are expected; you don’t require to be a fright. (If possible, contact your physician for any extreme or unpredictable circumstances). Primarily, at the end of these two months, you’ll get your full hearing back and can have your new ears. 

Ear Surgery
Ear Surgery

Ear Pinning Surgery  

One of the numerous ordinary types of ear surgery is ear pinning surgery. Countless people, primary kids with prominent ears, don’t like them. You can picture how tough it can be for a kid with prominent ears to be in elementary school. With more open-minded parents and the conveniences of modern technology, many children are now undergoing ear-pinning surgery. 

Although the same process is used for surgical ear pinning, which includes the reconstruction of ear cartilage through an incision, there is also an alternative ear pinning method called ear pinning without surgery. Despite its name, this method requires a semi-surgical operation on the ears. The only discrepancy is that there are no incisions. Our doctors use sutures (the medical term for stitches) to pin your ear to your head. 

The procedure is preferable for anybody, adult or kid. You can efficiently devastate your principal ears problem using these two methods. 

Ear Surgery Cost 

Ear surgery cost varies widely. It varies according to the services you like to have. In this sense, please consult us for more.

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