Op. Dr. Ahmet Alp

Op. Dr. Ahmet Alp

Op. Dr. Ahmet Alp

Aesthetic and Plastic surgeon

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Meet Op. Dr. Ahmet Alp

Ahmet Alp was born in 1983 in Erzincan. He graduated from Erzincan High School in 1999 with the first ranking, where he studied. Alp started his undergraduate education at Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine and completed his undergraduate education at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine with an undergraduate transfer. Alp performed his first duty as a general practitioner at Erzincan State Hospital.

Then, between 2007-2012, he worked at Haseki Training and Research Hospital in the department of Ear-Nose-Throat Diseases Clinic as Assistant Doctor. Ahmet ALP, who specialized in medicine and later worked as an Operator Doctor at Eyüp State Hospital, currently serves as an Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist in his own office in Nişantaşı.

Operator Ahmet ALP has completed his thesis on the Evaluation of Depressive Symptoms with Beck Depression Scale in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. He has also published articles in many national and international refereed journals.


Breast Aesthetics
Facial Rejuvenation
Body Shaping
Medical Aesthetic
Hair Transplantation


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