Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ


Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ

Obesity surgeon

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Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ was born in Gaziantep İslahiye’s Fevzipaşa sub-district. Due to his father’s work at Tekel, he started his education in Malatya Derme Primary School, and then finished his primary education in Adıyaman Atatürk Primary School. When his father was transferred to the district of Amasya Taşova, he started secondary school in Taşova Atatürk Secondary School and lastly he studied in Gaziantep Kilis High School. He also finished high school as 3rd.

Since his uncle was in Çanakkale, he made his choice at the university at Çanakkale Education Institute. As a teacher, Assoc. Ali Durmuş was assigned to Yukarı Tutak village of Diyadin district of Ağrı as part of compulsory service. After teaching for a term, he took the university exam again.

He won the Faculty of Medicine of Erciyes University, which was one of the two medical faculties that gave education in English at that time. He completed his English preparation and 6 years of medical education without loss. He was in the ski team and basketball team at the university and also managed social events such as the annual medical prom. He was appointed to Iskenderun State Hospital in compulsory service. Associate Professor Ali Durmuş, who was in charge of the emergency, won the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital General Surgery Department in the Medical Specialization Exam. Assoc. Associate Professor Ali Durmuş, who completed his specialization and became a specialist, was appointed as the deputy chief doctor in Oncology department at Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital due to his success in his compulsory service.Later he was appointed as a lecturer to General Surgery Gastroentorology Department. He also helped to develop of laparoscopic gastric and intestinal surgeries (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, reflux disease, colon cancer, stomach cancer, etc.) in Turkey. Between 2002 and 2015, he trained dozens of assistants and helped them become general surgeons. Then he resigned from his position in Okmeydanı in 2015 and He started working at Nişantaşı University as an Assistant Professor Dr. He has been working in Clinical Obesity, which he established himself since 2017.


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