DHI Pro Hair Transplant

DHI Pro Hair Transplant
DHI Pro Hair Transplant

What is DHI PRO?

The DHI-PRO Hair Transplant is the new, improved version of the DHI-CHOI technique.

Top Turkish scientists and Larizza Clinic doctors have collaborated to put in as much research and effort as it took to develop the pinnacle of hair transplant technologies. Recently, Turkish scientists have released a new hair transplant process called DHI Pro Hair Transplant. This revolutionary process is taking hair transplantation to the next level. With state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking innovation, this procedure makes it possible to stop hair loss forever without side effects and without having to go under general anesthesia.

A new treatment that involves low-level laser technology and Platelet-rich plasma is the best way to stimulate hair follicles, and strengthen existing hair, et al.

How to Make DHI PRO?

With laser & PRP therapy, we perform a classical DHI so that the way is smoother for you to achieve the intended results.

It starts with the doctor examining the donor area to ensure that it will provide enough coverage for the bald spot. The doctor will then determine how many grafts should be taken.

PRP scalp impressions are set and processed to prepare the patient with an "active pulse" before LLLT neural therapy, which optimizes their conversion.

Local anesthesia is applied to patients before the graft extraction procedure. This prevents any pain during the operation. Using the micro-motor device for graft extract saves a lot of t, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your day. The cells of your graft and the blood inside are kept in a water solution that is both cold and hypothermic (below 32 degrees F).

DHI is a technique that saves time & effort and is increasingly more widely used for implanting grafts. DHI takes place using specially designed pens, which are widely available and perfect for this procedure.

What Is DHI Technique?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the most advanced hair transplantation technique.

This technique is used to transplant hair by directly injecting prepared growth factors into the hair follicle. It saves significant time and effort, provides uniformity across the recipient's bald area, and generates natural-looking hair while avoiding typical risks associated with DHI.

DHI provides complete control of the angle, direction, and depth in which your implantation is done to ensure that you have an as-natural-as-possible result.

What are the differences between FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) methods?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, a minimally invasive technique that does not involve using a scalpel. It's meant to reduce bleeding, simplify healing and prevent neurological symptoms (tetanus).

The upfront cost of direct hair transplantation can be more than traditional hair transplantation methods. They use disposable pens to precisely place the follicular units in the individual's scalp.

At DHI, we provide services such as organ transplants. We take care of these employees so they can stay healthy as they wait for re-growth. Individual placement of cells has become more complex with the increasing number of patients and growing workforce.

  • With DHI, it's easy to plant hair without worrying about damaging your hair follicles.
  • Fue can be used more comprehensively than most herbs, and it's less expensive as well. DHI also has excellent potential for use not only for fertility but also for regeneration.
  • Nowadays, there are many different methods for imprinting. Fue uses special punch tips, and the Choi pen is used in the DHI method.
  • Fue methods are used as well and have proven to be very popular. Some of them have also been shown to yield larger plants than the DHI method. The planting process can take up to 90 days which is still faster than individual planting.
  • For questions about which localization technique is better for your needs, feel free to contact us.

DHI Pro Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplants are relatively expensive. Fortunately, they are also effective. This is mainly because you need a specialist with excellent skills and a lighter touch to perform them. One downside of DHI is that more people must attend to the procedure, which may increase costs in the long run and expand operations time.

Collaboration between doctors, nurses, and technicians can allow for more precise cell placement. This can help with prevention efforts and recovery.

DHI Pro Hair Transplant vs. FUE 

DHI is a hair transplant method that uses the FUE technique to place individual grafts. This technique uses grooved and placed grafts simultaneously with special pens. This pen makes it easier to transfer the graft by opening a channel.

One of the most distinctive features of the direct method is that hairs can be transplanted without shaving or plucking. It becomes effective in narrow spaces where natural hair may not grow well.

The transfer of your hair follicles can happen within just a few minutes for the hair follicles to not get damaged. That saves them from getting torn up and reduces the chances of damage that might occur.

DHI Pro Hair Transplant Turkey 

Turkey is one of the first countries to apply for a direct hair transplant and has received terrific results. It's the ideal choice for anyone who's gone through hair loss or is experiencing thinning hair. DHI method gives the closest results to natural-looking with our tailor-made surgical treatment to fit your needs.

With the hair transplant technique, there's less time for recovery. So, it's excellent for those who want to avoid going through that process. Turkey is a significant market for this treatment as well.

What should you do after your hair transplant operation take place?

You need to take the proper precautions and monitor your recovery. Here are some ways you can do so:

Your transplanted grafts require time and effort to ensure they have the best possible results.

You should ensure you are using the washing technique described by your doctor, protect your head from the heat and sun, and be patient about any pain or rash. Consult a specialist if it is too painful or icky for you. It's also important to know that a rash can happen initially, which is more from transition than anything else.

How can I choose the best Clinic in Turkey for a hair transplant? 

With the soaring popularity of hair transplants and modern advances in synthetic materials, choosing a clinic in Turkey is becoming increasingly daunting. But don't worry - as, with any hair-related purchase, there are ways to get yourself into the hands of an experienced clinician who has delivered excellent quality work. Depending on your preference, the decision needs to be made after research that includes the newest technique, the successful rate, satisfaction rank, experience, and price/quality ratio. 

DHI Hair Transplant Results

DHI is a treatment for balding areas of the head. It uses advanced technology to extract hair from one body part and then transplants it to another position to make the area appear natural. One benefit over other methods is that it can be completed more quickly.

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